Check Valves
Non-Slam Piston Check Valve

The Valtek Tek-Check non-slamming piston check valve provides rugged performance and reliable service in corrosive and non-corrosive gas and liquid applications. The smooth nearly constant area internal passages allow for high capacity flow with minimum turbulence. When the flow ceases or is reversed the pistons closes slowly preventing pressure surges. At JLM supply all of our stock piston checks come with NACE bolting and LCC body.

Design Features
  • Parts interchangeability with valtek control valves
  • Top entry for EASY in and out-of-line servicing
  • Clamped-in seat ring for EASY removal
  • Single seat for tight shutoff

      CRN & MTR Included

Dual Disc Check Valve

Easy to install and operate, the dual disc check valve is the perfect solution for applications that require a versatile and compact valve. Dual disc check valves work to effectively prevent back flow, dutifully defending pipelines from flow reversal.

Design Features
  • Available in wafer, lug and double flanged body styles.
  • Suitable for installation between RF or RTJ (Optional) flanges.
  • Valve sizes 6” and larger are supplied with a valve lifting lug.
  • Upper and lower stainless steel thrust washers are standard.
  • Available with resilient or metal-to-metal seats.
  • Seat design lifts then swings disc to minimize seat wear.
  • Discs are equipped with shock bumpers to minimize stress in hinge pins.
  • Body meets ASME B16.34 and API 598.
Butterfly Valve

 We are committed to offering high quality resilient seated butterfly valves. The lug and wafer styles are ideal for piping applications. Dependable under demanding conditions, the resilient seated butterfly valves are an economical alternative to ball valves.

  • Non-Slamming pistons avoid pressure surges upon closing and assist in dampening pulsating flow
  • Retainerless design meets industry fugitive emissions control requirements. This design eliminates the potential leak path to atmosphere associated with competitors’ valves with threaded retaining plugs.

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